Recently secured project by the NZ office

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Recently secured project by the NZ office

Post by Priya on Tue Feb 24, 2009 3:08 am

Project: Business Case for Walking and Cycling

Zealand Transport Agency

Team: Bruno Petrenas, Julie Anne Genter, Stuart Donovan

This project aims to
commence building a business case for walking and cycling. One of the primary outputs will be a report
cataloguing the currently available evidence of economic benefits related to
walking and cycling investment. A
further output of the project will be the identification of further research
that is needed to fully account for the economic benefits of walking and
cycling. Finally, the project will suggest
a framework for the appropriate tool that local authorities and other
stakeholders can use to evaluate benefits.
The project is aimed at collecting evidence that can be easily
understood and utilised by a wide range of stakeholders.


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